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This is now superseded by the changes in iOS4 that give you access to the camera. Use the code from this blog post instead.


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Augmented reality on the iPhone with iOS4.0 - Hey guys! Just updated my earlier blog post on creating Augmented Reality (AR) on iPhones using the new iOS4.0 features. I’ve also moved away from the 'UIGetScreenImage' function as it’s no longer supported. Now, we access the camera using the AV Foundation framework with the help of AVCaptureSession. As always, you're free to download and fiddle with my code available in this blog. Happy Programming!
Augmented Reality In The Browser - This blog showcases the progress of my idea to create an augmented reality Sudoku solver using technology that enables us to solve puzzles in our browser rather than with dedicated apps. I have developed an AR Sudoku solver with a simple image processing pipeline. It identifies and extracts Sudoku puzzles from pictures, recognizes each cell's numbers, solves the puzzle, and renders the solution on top of the original image. This process is accomplished by converting the image to greyscale, conducting thresholding, OCR-processing, and puzzle-solving. I've also done parallel image location and extraction. It's a technical journey that's achieved some high-quality, low-drift results, visible in the video included. The full codebase is accessible on Github. Enjoy the joy of leveraging technology to efficiently solve Sudoku puzzles!
Vision Kit and CoreML - In this technical tutorial, we walk through the process of wiring up the iPhone's camera to CoreML using Vision Kit, allowing us to run machine learning models against the camera input. We outline the necessary steps in creating a new Xcode project; capturing video frames; using AVFoundation, Vision, and CoreML; and dissecting the video frames using Vision magic. We also illustrate the process of running our Vision requests and displaying the expected outputs.
Reading barcodes in iOS7 - In iOS7, a previously unannounced feature allows the ability to read barcodes. Incorporating a new output for AVCapture known as AVCaptureMetadataOutput, supported formats for 1D and 2D barcodes can be read. Demonstrating the ease of use, a simple code snippet is provided to showcase how to apply this feature. Additionally, a demo project is shared for those keen to explore its functionality.
Creating an OpenGL game for both the Palm and iOS - I've made a triumphant return to the blogosphere with the release of my new game, 'Tanks!' developed for Palm Pre/Pixie and soon for iPhone devices. The game, an experiment to learn OpenGLES 2.0, is a testament to the feasibility of porting C++ or C code from iOS to Palm PDK, despite minor challenges with UI interaction and audio. So gear up, folks! Download 'Tanks!', step onto the battlefield and let the mayhem begin! Next stop on my coding odyssey - Android!

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Vision framework and CoreML - Discover the seamless integration of Apple's Vision framework with Core ML for object identification in this astounding demonstration, and lock onto the project at GitHub.
Tanks! for the Palm Pre and Palm Pixie - Witness the successful porting of an iPhone app to a Palm Pre Plus in this intriguing video!
Reviving a Broken iPad: Transforming it into a Magic Mirror with Raspberry Pi Zero - Learn how to transform an old iPad 1 screen and a Raspberry Pi Zero into a Magic Mirror with this step-by-step guide! Enhance your home with this unique, DIY upgrade.
Sudoku Grab for the iPhone - Unleash the power of technology to effortlessly solve Sudoku puzzles with this incredible iPhone App available on the App Store! Click to learn more and get started.
HELP SUPPORT MY WORK: If you're feeling flush then please stop by Patreon Or you can make a one off donation via ko-fi
Want to keep up to date with the latest posts and videos? Subscribe to the newsletter
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