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An Effective Team? What’s the bare minimum you should be doing? Tick all these boxes and you are on you way to being an effective team. If you’re missing any - you probably aren’t.

Continuous Integration (CI)

  • Changes are merged back to the main branch as often as possible
  • Changes are validated by doing a build and running tests

Continuous Deployment (CD)

  • Code is deployed to automatically
  • You have an automated release process
  • You can deploy at any time

Unit Tests

  • You have metrics that measure your code coverage/unit test quality
  • They are run against the code automatically
  • You can’t merge unless the tests pass

Code Reviews

  • You have a working code review process
  • You can’t merge without code being reviewed (properly reviewed!)

Running locally

  • You can debug and test either the whole or parts of the system locally
  • “Our system is too complicated to run on a developer’s machine” - is not an acceptable statement

There’s plenty of other stuff you can and should be doing, but for me the above is the bare minimum you can get away with.

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