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And the Walkie-Talkie is finished!

I kicked off the build of my ESP32 walkie talkie in the previous video - and noticed some noise whenever the WiFi was sending data.

My initial reaction was that this was the same problem we’ve seen before with noise on the power rail as we’ve seen with Electret microphones - but checking on the scope it was all fine.

Then someone suggested it was actually audible noise that the ESP32 makes when it sends audio! They’ve got a video here that shows it - and I’ve managed to capture it myself!


I think the noise is too quiet to really be the issue - I think as a lot of people have pointed out, power supply noise is probably the culprit - more testing is required but I think my power supply filter that I used before may solve my immediate problems.

If you like ESP32 audio videos - I’ve got a complete set on this playlist:

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