This talk was supposed to be given at iOSDevUK 2022 but due to personal circumstances, I had to skip the conference. As always the video is sponsored by

How do we talk to our things - what’s the best way to connect to hardware? We’ll talk about BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE) and WiFi - and then we’ll look at some more outside-the-box solutions…

0:00 Introduction - why are we here? 0:41 What are our options? 0:51 Why not use a cable? 1:46 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 1:57 A history of BLE 2:36 BLE is really low power! 3:32 An example BLE module 3:48 Hopes and Dreams 5:17 The crushing reality… 5:30 Let’s do a demo 7:47 I feel the need… the need for speed… 10:41 Why not BLE? 11:46 WiFi comes to the rescue… 12:21 The challenges of WiFi 12:48 How do we set up the WiFi Credentials? 14:06 Another demo 14:32 We’re connected - now what? 15:13 MDNS - Multicast DNS 16:46 I Have The Power - or do I? 17:30 Bluetooth and WiFi - the conclusions 18:23 Thinking outside the box 19:40 Let’s see some code

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