The Walkie-Talkie is finished!

I had a lot of screen recording footage that probably won’t make it into the main video - seems a shame to waste it.

The case design has gone through two iterations (along with a few failed prints) - I’m currently struggling with what looks like EM interference from the WiFi.

Initially, I thought it was the same power supply issues that we saw in previous videos - but I’ve checked on the oscilloscope and the 3v rail is completely clean. I’ve also never seen this issue with I2S microphones before. It’s the first time using this TTGO board for audio so not sure if it’s specific to it - haven’t seen it with my other dev boards.

I’ll probably drop the WiFi power a bit and see how noisy it is. Next step is to write the software - coming soon in the next video!

Fusion360 design is available here:

It’s currently designed around a LILYGO T7 and one of my microphone boards - but you should be able to modify it for a different board/microphone. The amplifier is the Adafruit 3W I2S amp module.


I think Janak Alford in the comments has identified the noise problem!

And I’ve managed to capture it as well!

I2S Amplifier MAX98357 - TinyPico - INMP441 I2S Microphone: ICS-43434 I2S Microphone: ESP32 Dev board:

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