I’ve been working on a custom stereo I2S amplifier board using the MAX98357 IC. I’ve had the first version manufactured by https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic and now I need to design version 2 - I’ll get this manufactured by PCBWay again.

PCBWay provide sponsorship for the channel that helps pay for components and software.

There’s a couple of things I need to fix from my first design. I made the boards far too small (got carried away in the PCB layout stage and thought I was being clever). So I’m going to fix that in this version.

I always want to learn to use KiCad, so this feels like a good opportunity to do that.

0:00 Intro - what are we trying to do? 0:38 Why KiCad - what’s so special about KiCad? 1:10 Geting KiCad setup for PCBWay 1:46 Adding a new symbol to KiCad for the MAX98357 2:38 Designing the schematic for our board 4:33 Assigning footprints to the symbols 5:18 Converting the schematic to a PCB 5:34 Using a DXF file to make a custom board outline 6:08 Laying out the PCB 6:52 Ground planes/Copper pours 7:13 3D Viewer and adding missing 3D models 7:41 3D Export for Fusion 360 8:07 Adding the mounting holes 8:48 Labelling the pins 9:03 Gerber Export 9:50 Creating the BOM file 10:40 Component positions 10:57 Order submission to PCBWay for manufacture and SMT assembly 11:20 Final costs and sanity check 11:43 What do I think of KiCad? Would I use it again?

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