We’ve just hit 5000 subscribers! Seems like a good point to do a bit of a review. Thanks to https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic for supporting the channel.

Thanks to everyone who has watched, liked (and disliked), left comments and generally interacted with the channel. Without you, it wouldn’t really be worth doing at all.

This is a bit of a retrospective and hopefully also contains a few interesting stats for everyone. I’ll cover a bit of the history of where the channel started and how it’s evolved, highlight some of my favourite videos, talk a bit about you - the viewer, tell you how much money the channel makes - what does 5000 subscribers translate to in terms of advertising revenue (spoiler alert - it’s not much), and talk about what’s coming up next.

00:34 A bit of history - where have we come from? 02:04 Lockdown - taking things seriously 02:56 My favourite projects 03:30 Hidden gems 04:16 Who are you people? 05:23 Show me the money! 06:46 What’s next? 08:38 A heartfelt thank you.

As always, thanks for watching!

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