We’ve got a smash hit video on the channel - 1.8 million views - I thought it might be fun/interesting to run through some stats.

0:00 How many views?! 0:10 Please DO NOT subscribe 0:20 Is it a successful video? Haven’t you seen @MrBeast? 0:55 Closer to home - @GreatScott!! 1:30 Even closer to home - @Andreas Spiess 2:28 Why was this video a success? 3:18 How quickly was it picked up? 3:51 Was there a halo effect? 4:21 The comments… 5:00 Show me the money! 6:29 Why I don’t want you to subscribe… 7:25 Why don’t I just make more smash hits?

I know I say “Don’t subscribe” a lot in this video - but please DO subscribe if you like my usual content (Robots, Electronics, Programming etc…)

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