In the previous video, we prototyped our electronics on breadboard.

In this video, we build the complete schematic for a bare-bones ESP32 based circuit that we will turn into a PCB for manufacture with JLPCB (

I’m looking forward to turning this into a PCB and getting it manufactured. Getting closer to finishing this project!

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Bill of materials for the schematic along with LCSC product codes (

EasyEDA project is here:


AMS1117-3.3 - C6186 100nF - Input capacitor 1 - C1525 10uF - Input capacitor 2 - C7171 10uF - Output Capacitor 1 - C7171 100nF - Output capacitor 2 - C1525


ESP32 Wroom Module - C95209 10uF - Decoupling capacitor - C15525

Enable pin RC circuit

12Kohm - C25752 100nF - C1525

Output Drivers

MOSFET - C20917
470 ohm - Gate resistor - C25117 - 470 ohm - Pull up resistor - C25117 5.1ohm 1 Watt - LED resistor - C73113

Indicator LEDs

LED - C72038 Resistor - C25087

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