My custom ESP32 PCB for my moon lamp has arrived from JLPCB. I opted to get the board SMT assembled so I only have to solder on the ESP32 module, the header pins and the screw terminals.

The board works really well, I was slightly worried about the power regulator as I’d skimped slightly on the output filtering capacitors swapping the tantalum caps for ceramic. But that doesn’t seem to have made an impact on the functionality.

The ESP32 is the brains of the operation and has a built-in Web UI that you can use to change the brightness of the Red, Green and Blue channels of the 3W LED.

You can learn how that works in this video:

It also featured Over The Air (OTA) updates - you can learn how to do this here:

I’ll do a more in-depth video on the software later.

There are detailed videos on the prototyping of the electronics, schematic design and PCB layout here:

Prototype Electronics - Schematic Design - PCB Layout -

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