I’m feeling really guilty as I’ve sat on this box for a couple of months (sorry Stuart!).

We’ve got a lot of audio bits and bobs to play with - I’m particularly interested in the Analog to Digital Converters and how they compare with the built-in ADC.

I’m also keen to revisit the electret microphones and try them out with some of these pre-amplifiers.

What would you like to see? I can’t guarantee anything, but every comment gets read!

In the box from Stuart we’ve got:

A bunch of LDO regulators both 3v3 and 5v - very handy for creating separate analogue supplies for sensitive audio chips. A set of microphone pre-amps for Electret Microphones A big collection of Electret Microphones A selection of I2S MEMS microphones A PCM1808 and PCM1802 Analogue to Digital Converters (ADCs) An AI Thinker ESP32 A1S module.

From my own mailbag we’ve got:

An AI Thinker ESP32 A1S audio kit. An OpenCV AI OAK D Camera

And from Rob we’ve got:

A magnetic rotational sensor. An something that didn’t make it into the video - a RADAR movement detector PCB.

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