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Check out the latest mailbag with cool electronics, including a laser galvo scanner, iPad displays, audio amplifier PCBs, and even wake-word detecting microphones!

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[0:00] I think it’s time for another mailbag
[0:02] So let’s see what we’ve got?
[0:05] The first item is this extremely well-wrapped box so let’s try and get into this
[0:55] So it looks like we have a
[1:01] power supply
[1:05] I think I know what this is
[1:28] So, this is an extremely high-quality
[1:37] Laser Galvo scanner.
[1:41] It looks pretty amazing
[1:45] So we can use this as an upgrade to the laser-driven asteroids
[1:50] it does use quite a funky connector to drive it
[1:57] I did find a driver for this online that uses a Teensy and I think one of these parcels…
[2:10] yep, so I’ve ordered a teensy because I found some software online that will drive this pretty nice laser galvo scanner
[2:22] and the software runs on a teensy so I’ll be trying that out later
[2:28] so that’s pretty exciting I’ll put this somewhere safe because it’s pretty fragile
[2:34] let’s put that
[2:41] over there along with the power supply and cables
[2:53] so what’s next?
[2:59] another box from China
[3:05] so when I was doing the magic mirror project
[3:09] I thought I had broken my driver board
[3:12] so I ordered another one thinking I would need a replacement
[3:17] and then found that the driver board was completely fine
[3:20] so this is another driver board for an iPad LCD
[3:28] and I think since I knew I had ordered an extra one, I found a very cheap iPad 1 display on eBay
[3:42] I think this cost 12 pounds
[3:46] so I think that’s what this should be
[3:53] it’s very nicely wrapped let’s have a look at what’s in here
[4:09] certainly no shortage of bubble wrap now
[4:18] so I have another iPad 1 LCD

[4:22] to go with my spare driver
[4:25] so I’ll have to think of another project to do with an LCD
[4:29] so I’ll add that to the list of things to use in a project
[4:34] so that’s quite good
[4:35] let’s wrap this backup
[4:55] and I think to go with that
[4:58] I’ve ordered
[5:01] another RaspberryPi Zero
[5:04] so maybe I’ll just make another magic mirror that could be a fun project
[5:14] so what else have we got?
[5:18] I’ve already unwrapped these
[5:20] but this is a pretty interesting microphone: the IA611
[5:26] so this has built-in wake word detection
[5:30] so if we have a look at um let’s have a look
[5:37] so there’s the actual microphone and the microphone has a built-in DSP
[5:44] and it can do wake word detection
[5:46] I’ll need to work out how to actually interface to this
[5:50] and um bizarrely I’ve somehow ended up with two of these

[5:53] so two microphones with wake-word detection which I’m not sure how to use yet
[6:00] so that’s probably a project in itself just understanding that so let’s put that to one side
[6:12] so what’s next we have some um screw headers
[6:16] now I think these are to go with some PCBs
[6:23] yes we’ve got a box from PCBWay
[6:26] so let’s have a look at what we’ve got in here
[6:35] slightly bigger box than usual
[6:50] okay ah nice
[6:53] so these are some little amplifier boards
[7:00] I’ve been using the Adafruit amplifier boards the MAX98357 and
[7:08] I thought it would be nice to uh have two of them so we can do stereo sound
[7:15] and these little um these little screw terminals hopefully, if I’ve ordered the right ones, should fit
[7:26] right about
[7:27] err, which way round does this go
[7:29] right about here
[7:31] so yes, I think that will fit nicely
[7:36] 1 speaker
[7:47] two speakers
[7:48] and these should be pin-compatible with the Adafruit boards
[7:53] so hopefully, I’ll be able to plug this straight into my audio PCBs
[7:58] and I think if I’m lucky
[8:04] I should have all these
[8:08] stereo amplifier boards
[8:10] I think I ordered ten of these may be?
[8:14] one two three four five six
[8:21] and then I’ve also got some new audio boards that we’re plugging these into
[8:35] let’s see if we can get into here
[8:42] so these are version two of my my audio boards
[8:46] they just make it slightly easier to wire everything together
[8:51] so you can just plug the microphone and the amplifier
[8:56] and a TinyPico
[8:57] and I’ve broken out the header pins now to make this slightly easier to use
[9:04] these little amplifiers will plug straight into this board

[9:08] and we’ll have a stereo output which should be pretty cool
[9:12] so that’s uh thanks PCBWay. PCBs and SMT assembled boards
[9:19] That’s brilliant I’ll try these out in a later video
[9:23] and we’ll see if I’ve done the PCBs correct
[9:27] so let’s try that out in another video
[9:37] and then the last thing I’ve got
[9:40] I’ve no idea what this is
[9:42] must-have ordered something and forgotten
[9:45] so let’s have a look
[9:57] Let’s open this up
[10:02] now that’s it’s a LillyGo
[10:03] It’s a LillyGo something
[10:05] let’s see what uh what LillyGo we’ve got
[10:08] ah cool!
[10:10] so this is a paper display from LillyGo
[10:15] so I wonder um yeah pretty cool
[10:20] I have to find a good use for this
[10:23] I think it’s showing something at the moment
[10:28] yeah brilliant
[10:30] so any suggestions on what to do with this would be much appreciated
[10:36] we’ve got some buttons, let’s see, buttons don’t do anything yet
[10:41] I’m sure we’ll uh we’ll work something out
[10:44] well that’s pretty cool so a paper display
[10:47] what size this is with my ruler
[10:57] so it’s pretty that’s pretty big to be honest

[11:01] seven by four
[11:04] so brilliant so that’s gonna be uh should be a fun project to do something with this
[11:09] looks pretty full-featured
[11:11] so we’ve got an sd card slot um yeah pretty cool
[11:19] so yeah that’s a few projects to get on with
[11:22] I think
[11:26] we’ll probably do these PCBs fairly soon
[11:37] so these are just some blank ones
[11:41] so if I feel like trying to solder some of these I’ll give that a go
[11:45] but I think I’ll stick to the PCB assembled ones
[11:50] so let’s have quick look at these again
[11:56] the bags are tough!
[12:04] so let’s see if I can get that in focus
[12:15] so that’s pretty cool
[12:28] so good job PCBWay
[12:37] so I think that’s probably it for the mailbag I think that’s everything
[12:40] we’ll have a look at this um these uh microphones as well let’s see if we can focus
[12:46] so I need to work out how to connect these I’ll work that out slowly over time um it should be fun
[12:53] I’ve got another other display to do a project with so I’ll have a look at doing something with another

[13:00] iPad display maybe I’ll try and
[13:01] make a Pi-Zero laptop or something or um or maybe actually try and connect it up to my ESP32
[13:10] I’ve seen a few people doing VGA projects with the ESP32 so that might be quite a fun project
[13:15] but let me know what you think
[13:17] I’ll see you in the next video

HELP SUPPORT MY WORK: If you're feeling flush then please stop by Patreon Or you can make a one off donation via ko-fi
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