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Check out some interesting gadgets, including a Wio Terminal, a TTGO display, and a massive e-paper display, as we test new stereo amplifier boards in a Bluetooth speaker project.

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[0:00] it’s time for a mail bag there’s not
[0:02] much this month
[0:03] i’ve been opening stuff as it survived
[0:04] but there’s a few interesting things to
[0:06] look at
[0:07] so the first thing we have is a weo
[0:10] terminal from siege studios
[0:12] so let’s have a look at this i’ll
[0:14] probably do a video on this
[0:16] uh later and look at it in depth but
[0:18] let’s see what’s in the box
[0:22] a little bit smaller than i expected but
[0:25] it comes with a
[0:28] cable
[0:30] a thing i’m not sure what that is
[0:36] and some instructions so
[0:40] very interesting user manual
[0:43] some stickers let’s have a look at the
[0:45] actual device
[0:53] that looks nice
[0:56] now that’s for a button okay interesting
[1:02] peel off the plastic nice
[1:07] and try turning it on it’s probably flat
[1:10] or when it’s plugging in let’s let’s try
[1:13] plugging it in and see what happens
[1:16] it’s a very short cable one moment
[1:24] please
[1:31] okay left button to continue
[1:36] three two one go oh say
[1:40] there’s a little game interesting
[1:44] which button jumps
[1:58] okay well we’ll play with this in
[2:01] another video
[2:02] but um that’s quite a nice display and
[2:04] it’s quite a nice little bit of kit
[2:06] so it’s got an extension thing which is
[2:09] compatible with a
[2:10] raspberry pi i believe and that’s
[2:12] correct
[2:14] um look yeah raspberry pi
[2:17] 40 pin compatible and it has a
[2:20] grove 2 connector so it’s got two of
[2:23] them in fact
[2:24] so that’d be nice to explore we’ll do a
[2:27] video on this
[2:28] in the future let’s see what else we’ve
[2:29] got to unwrap
[2:35] so we’ve got a box from china let’s see
[2:38] what’s inside
[2:39] so very well wrapped uh i’m not sure
[2:43] where to actually start opening this
[2:45] um let’s try from this end
[2:54] we’ve got a selection of stuff
[2:56] interesting
[2:57] um let’s start with the smaller ones
[3:04] well this one’s just uh bubble wrap so
[3:06] that’s not so interesting
[3:08] let’s try this one what’s in this one
[3:11] little package
[3:16] okay so this is my replacement uh ttgo
[3:19] display
[3:20] because my current one has died
[3:24] so i thought i’d get another one just to
[3:26] um carry on playing around with the ttgo
[3:28] display
[3:30] so that’s good we can then
[3:33] do some more nice graphic stuff
[3:37] slightly bigger box
[3:39] [Music]
[3:45] okay so another e-paper display
[3:48] this is a bigger one than my current one
[3:51] let me hear one moment
[3:54] so my mark on e-paper display
[3:58] is acting as a weather station so i
[4:01] thought i’d get a bigger one
[4:02] because this one’s pretty nice but it is
[4:06] a bit small
[4:07] so this is a massive one so that’s
[4:11] that’s really nice and i look forward to
[4:14] upgrading the weather station or maybe
[4:16] doing something slightly more
[4:17] interesting with this one
[4:19] so that’s pretty good put that back in
[4:22] the
[4:23] in the nice box
[4:28] what else have we got i’m not sure what
[4:31] this is
[4:34] ah it’s the touch screen for the
[4:37] e-paper display so maybe we’ll make uh
[4:41] i’m kind of tempted to try and make an
[4:42] e-reader that could be an interesting
[4:44] project
[4:45] so that’s a nice touch display we’ll do
[4:48] a video on this and
[4:50] work out how to connect it and how to
[4:51] drive it so that should be really nice
[4:53] and interesting
[4:56] so try not to squash this too much
[5:05] and then finally
[5:10] it’s a box from pcb way
[5:18] these are my new stereo amplifier boards
[5:22] so i think we’ll move to the workbench
[5:24] and try these out
[5:26] they look pretty good i’m quite pleased
[5:28] with that i like the color
[5:30] and um we’ll test them out and see if
[5:33] i’ve done the pcb correctly
[5:38] let’s get these boards soldered up i’ve
[5:40] got some header pins
[5:41] i’ll add a bit of flux to get these
[5:43] soldered on
[5:57] and i’ve got a couple of mini screw
[5:59] terminals so we’ll get these soldered on
[6:01] as well
[6:11] not a bad job it’s a bit wonky but it’s
[6:13] good enough
[6:15] comparing my stereo boards with the mono
[6:17] board from adafruit i’m pretty pleased
[6:20] let’s get them tested i flashed the
[6:22] esp32 with the bluetooth
[6:24] a to dp sync so it will act as a
[6:26] bluetooth speaker
[6:27] and i’ve wired up a couple of speakers
[6:29] let’s see if it works
[6:47] [Music]
[7:05] now obviously you can’t hear the
[7:07] difference as my camera is only
[7:08] recording in mono
[7:09] but it works really well we’ll do a
[7:11] project with these boards in a future
[7:13] video
[7:13] thanks for watching and i’ll see you
[7:15] soon

HELP SUPPORT MY WORK: If you're feeling flush then please stop by Patreon Or you can make a one off donation via ko-fi
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