In this tutorial, we build our very own Alexa using an ESP32 and the service from Facebook.

You can view the full tutorial here:

We’re going to cover two main topics, “Wake Word Detection” and “Intent Recognition”.

Finally, we’ll wire these two together to create our Alexa system.

For our “Wake Word Detection” we’ll be training up a model using TensorFlow and then running that model using TensorFlow Lite on our device.

We’ll cover

For recognising the user’s intent we’ll be using from Facebook. We’ll cover the following topics:

Finally, we’ll wire all of this up into our Alexa system and run it on an embedded device.

We’ll cover:

With these three steps, we’ll create a complete working DIY Alexa.

If you like ESP32 audio videos - I’ve got a complete set on this playlist:

Components you could use:

MAX98357 - TinyPico - INMP441 I2S Microphone: ICS-43434 I2S Microphone: ESP32 Dev board: Analogue Audio Amplifier: Speakers:

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