As always we’re sponsored by This time we’re looking at some free batteries I picked up off the street. @bigclivedotcom seems to have collected a lot of these, I’ve only found two so far. I’m feeling quite deprived.

I’m using this very cheap battery capacity tester (the HW-586) in this video: or

Though in the end, I upgraded to this much more accurate one (the DL-24): or

For the DIY version, I used a TTGO T-Display: or

There’s a great video teardown of the HW-586 battery tester here:

0:00 Extracting the first batteries 0:45 Run Away!!! 1:00 Does it charge up? 1:10 The TP4056 charging board 1:54 Measuring the first batteries capacity 2:23 Second battery 2:54 What’s the capacity? 3:05 Let’s make our own battery capacity tester 7:16 Making the batteries safe(r) 8:30 Bonus content!

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